“Cast all your care upon God for God cares for you.”

~ 1 Peter 5:7

My parents were Ella and Eldred. My father attended St. Mary School, Muskegon, taught by Dominican Sisters. Their children were June (June 30, 1937), Helen, Louise, Paula Elsa, and Laura. We grew up on Jackson Hill in Muskegon.

I hiked and biked to St. Jean School, Muskegon, conducted by Mercy Sisters, for grades 3-10 and was subsequently bused to Muskegon Catholic Central for grades 11-12. Staff included Dominican, Mercy, and Bernardine Sisters, and parish priests. In Grand Rapids, by means of scholarship, family support, and available off-campus living, I attended Aquinas College with its new main building (1955-1959). Accessible faculty were Dominican Sisters and Priests.

After entering the Dominican Order of Sisters at Marywood in 1958, I completed the Aquinas theology studies graduate program and visited the lands of St. Dominic.

I ministered in Michigan, with a taste of Minnesota. My responsibilities included learning, teaching, administration, curriculum development, research, grant writing; technology, literacy and substance abuse prevention programs; and instrumental music.

I enjoy hiking, biking, camping; racquet sports, baseball, and softball; swimming and boating; skating and skiing.