“In the Lord I will be forever thankful. In the Lord I will forever rejoice.”

I was born in “God’s Country,” Gaylord, MI, so it is no wonder that I would one day follow my dream to begin a life of service to the Lord as a Dominican Sister. There were many other influences in my early life that reinforced this dream. My beloved aunt, Sr. Ann Eugene, was a member in this community, and my family—particularly my mother—was very religious, and I owe special thanks in discerning my calling to all the Dominican Sisters who taught me at St. Mary’s School in Gaylord.

I entered the Dominican Order in 1958 and then served God’s littlest angels, his children, as a teacher at several different Catholic schools in Michigan.

In 1983, after much reflection and prayer to ascertain God’s plan for me, I was called to a ministry where I could serve the other workers in God’s vineyard. I obtained my ministry as Pastoral Associate at St. Michael’s the Archangel Parish in Muskegon, MI, where I am still actively engaged and enjoying my calling.

My duties still allow me to teach God’s children, as well as minister to the many families and older parishioners who often need the friendship, emotional and spiritual support, and prayers that my training and love of God can provide. Thus, I thank the Lord, my family, the parishioners, and my community for the support they have given and continue to give me.