“I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it for me.”

~ Mstthew 25-40

Jesus taught us when we care for others, we show our love for Him. Influenced by this teaching, I answered my call to Vocation. Giving thanks to God’s grace, I also extend gratitude to my biological family, Dominican family, and friends for supporting my journey to this sixty-year Jubilee.

Eileen was the only child born to Nestor and Raquel Jaramillo, on October 2, 1942 in Belen, New Mexico. She later acquired four half siblings and together they became a very tightly knit family, surrounded by love and learning hard work to “bear fruit” by assisting others in need.

Her teachers, the Dominican Sisters, influenced her vocation. Upon departing to Marywood, Eileen’s parents gave her the keys to their house, proclaiming, “Go with our blessings: You are always welcome back.”

Eileen entered the Dominican congregation, received the name Sister Mary Claudine and returned to her baptismal name after Vatican II. Sixty years later, she realized the key served a different purpose, that of opening opportunities to appreciate life’s blessings.

She taught for many years in Michigan and New Mexico. While in Albuquerque, she was involved at the parish and archdiocesan levels. As a member of the Supervision and Curriculum Development Association, she devoted much time and energy to recruiting “high-powered” speakers for Archdiocesan Teachers’ Conventions.

Sister Eileen’s passion for teaching brought her much joy as she tried to utilize Scriptural Wisdom, musical talents, and compassionate discipline to keep students engaged.

Her greatest joy has been in teaching middle school students. She also teaches High School English at Bataan Military Academy. As a member of the staff she holds two positions: Instructor in English, and she has also been awarded the rank of Ensign under the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps (USNSCC).

Since 1989, her volunteer ministry at the Veteran’s Hospital has gifted Sr. Eileen with numerous awe-inspiring and humble moments in visiting patients, Eucharistic ministry, providing piano accompaniment for daily and Sunday Masses. She says, “This most precious time has been a means of spiritual growth; preparing music for Sunday Mass at Chapel and then serving as Eucharistic Minister for many floors at the hospital—each Sunday morning.”

As Sr. Eileen celebrates her 60th Jubilee, she reflects, “I am humbled by gifts God has bestowed on me to help others. Teaching others about His Love was the best way to share my gratitude to God. My prayer is that the sharing of my gifts has also shown love to ‘the least of His people.’”