“Go forth and teach all nations.”

~ Matthew 28:19

“As I watch for the sun rise, I hear God speak: “Therese, just as sure as the sun will rise, I will always care for you and love you!” God’s faithfulness is the spark that gives me energy to follow God’s plan of love each moment of my life in collaboration with my Dominican Sisters and all God’s people. I, too, promise my prayers for you as I continue following God’s Plan of Love with a grateful heart.”

I was born in El Guache, NM on May 10, 1935 to Gabriel and Aniceta Salazar Rodriguez, ten years after St. Therese of Lisieux was canonized a saint.

As the oldest of 15, ten girls and five boys, the seed of my vocation was nourished by my prayerful family, the joyful Dominicans and priests of Holy Family parish.

At the age of ten I received a deep desire “to go forth and teach all nations” all that Jesus had taught me. Matt. 28.19 I followed my call as teacher, Chaplain, advocate for migrants, prisoners, and others; missionary in Panama, Ministry for Prayer and Action in El Salvador, Vocation ministry, and Dominican presence for Lay Dominicans in Albuquerque, NM.

I thank God, my family, my Dominican Sisters, Holy Family Fathers, Capuchin Fathers, family and friends who have empowered me to follow God’s call as a Dominican Sister ~ Grand Rapids for 60 blessed years.

God is good! Good all the time!


Sr. Therese moved from New Mexico home to the Marywood Motherhouse in Grand Rapids in 2017. She currently ministers to Sisters at Marywood Health Center and Aquinata Hall. Her desire to companion Sisters runs deep as she thoughtfully responds to each Sister’s individual interests and needs.