“ou will show me the path of life, the fullness of joy in your presence, O Lord.”

~ Psalm 16

We each have a unique path of life, and as I reflect on my 60 years as a Grand Rapids Dominican, I am so grateful for God’s gift of a call to Religious Life. I have come to see quite clearly how God set up this special path for me.

My first stirrings of this call, I’m sure, were inspired and nurtured by my wonderful family. I was born on June 25, 1937 to John and Margaret Dehn in Belding, Michigan, and I joined my two older brothers, Bill and Don. I attended public schools in Belding from Kindergarten through 12th grade graduation.

The Dominican priests helped out at our home parish and from them I learned about Aquinas College. My interest was sparked. God opened up my path to Aquinas with the generous help of my uncles.

It was at Aquinas that I first met the Dominican Sisters. Sr. Aquin Gallagher and Sr. Marie Celeste Stang were among my instructors who were so kind to me. My freshman roommate, who was discerning a vocation, was instrumental in making my path to Marywood clear to me and our visits to Marywood solidified my own calling.

The path led to 8 years of elementary teaching, completion of an M.A. degree, and an assignment to Aquinas College where I served for 44 years in roles related mostly to Academic Advising for adult students.

My path of life continues now with volunteer work and more time for prayer and for enjoying “the fullness of joy in God’s presence” in the company of my dear Sisters.