“I am proud to have been in his service for 60 years as a Dominican Sister ready to do His will.”

I was born in Munger, Michigan to Frank and Marion Erndt. I went to Saint Norbert’s School where the Dominican Sisters taught in a three-room school. This was my early formation. Thanks to my parents and siblings who sacrificed so much, I was able to go to nurses training.

When Mother Victor sent me an invitation in 1957 to become a Sister, I accepted, and worked in Grand Rapids, New Mexico, California, and Bay City. The latter was where I worked prior to entering, so I guess I came full circle.

I read a poem that said “We were assigned where God wanted us to be at the time we are needed for a certain job. There isn’t any service we can scorn for it may be the reason God allowed me to be born”.

As a Dominican Sister nurse for 60 years, I was recognized as employee of the month twice and employee of the year once at McLaren Hospital and memorialized in a book named “Once Upon a Short Story” by Connie L. Hawkins.

Now as a semi-retired Sister, I wait for my next mission that God has in store for me. Not bad for a little farm girl.