Pastoral Care

No matter what challenges you or a loved one may face, we never want you to feel that you are alone.

Our Pastoral Care and Spiritual Care Companioning Ministries build upon our long tradition of offering comfort and hope. In the Dominican way, we are welcoming of all faiths. These services are free of charge.

Pastoral Care takes many forms. Sisters may spend time with patients receiving healing and rehabilitative services at Marywood Health Center. Sisters also visit other health care institutions to support people living with cancer and other illnesses. We also provide comfort and prayer support to patient family members.

As Dominican Sisters, we commit to listening, learning, discerning, and praying to hear and respond to life’s blessings. A blessing is wishing good for another. As we are blessed, we become a blessing offered to others. It is in this spirit that we companion.

Our Companioning Services Include:

Home and Telephone Visits
Our spiritual companions are listeners. We are delighted to spend time visiting with, praying with, or simply being with. Conversations might include matters of faith and spirituality, reminiscing of days gone by, sharing news of kids and grandchildren, or discussing current events.

Prayer Partners
A prayer partner can provide an uplifting presence. Spiritual Care
Companions are here to help dear friends hold on to hope and God during times of healing or loneliness. Be assured, the Dominican Sisters of our Congregation will also be lifting you and those you love up in their prayers.

Receive a Blessing A Day
If you have access to email, you may enjoy receiving a blessing a day in your email box. Blessings encourage listening for God’s presence and voice in your life; quieting heart and mind. Intentionally reflect on the many blessings God bestows – in big ways and small – every day. Sign up for Daily Blessings

More Information

For more information about Pastoral Care and Spiritual Companioning, please call 616.459.2910 and ask for Sister Kateri Schrems or Sister Barbara Hansen.

No matter what challenges you or a loved one may face, we never want you to feel that you are alone.

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