About Aquinata Hall

A Place of Compassionate Care, Community, and a Rich Spiritual Life

A long-term assisted living facility, Aquinata Hall is home to Sisters and lay residents. Here residents enjoy the benefits of communal living while having the privacy of their own room. Our nursing and occupational therapy team focuses on serving the holistic health needs of every person.

We create a community experience enriched by the pillars of our charism: prayer, study, community, and service. Programs and activities energize brain and body, highlighting our Congregation’s value of learning at every age.

Planned activities foster spiritual and community life, drawing residents together with care professionals, student clinicians, Sisters, volunteers, the children of Whistle Stop Child Development Center, and so many who volunteer their time to be with others.


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Dominicans value learning at every age, so residents enjoy programs and activities that energize brain and body.


(616) 259-1703

Aquinata Hall
153 Lakeside Drive NE, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503

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