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On Mary Jo’s days off from work, she spends the entire day with her 90-year-old mother. After my workday is done, Mary Jo and I make dinner for Mary Jo’s mom and stay with her until we have to go home and go to bed. During my days off we both spend the whole day with my mother-in-law caring for her. She always asks us why we come over every day to care for her and we tell her because we love you, Mom. We also check on her neighbors from time to time.

During Holy Week we both served as lectors and were part of a live-stream mass. Last Sunday, Mary Jo and I read at our Sunday mass. This gives us time to spend together.

We’ve never had this much time to actually spend together taking walks in the park and just hanging out. We understand many bad things are happening right now, but we try to find blessings in our everyday life. Both my wife and I cry from time to time because we miss our sisters and brothers in Christ. We also shed tears for those who have lost their lives because of COVID-19.

Recently, Mary Jo and I took a walk at Marywood. We saw a few Sisters through the window in the dining room. We do miss them so and we love you. God bless everybody.

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