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If you are considering The Foundations in Spirituality formation intensive at Dominican Center Marywood at Aquinas College, this video from a graduate of the program may be helpful. Phillip Johnson, Ph.D. completed Foundations in Spirituality in 2020. In this video, Dr. Johnson reflects on how his experience in Foundations transformed his approach as a counselor and member of the Department of Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology at Western Michigan University.

“The Foundations in Spirituality course brought about a realization that my life experiences, what I was reading and listening to along with what others in the course were sharing as I listened to them seemed to crystalize my overall experience. There is a space that the Sisters and staff work together to create, an environment to allow freedom to explore, an openness to explore your spiritual life. In creating this kind of space, the safety and nurturing that took place allowed me to come home to myself.”

“I wanted a deeper spiritual life, I wanted to learn more about Jesus and about God. I know what I have been taught and I wanted to discover this whole domain of my life. There is a deep trust the Sisters and Spiritual directors at Dominican Center Marywood have in the Spirit and if you are listening you will be led where you need to be.”

“The overall experience of the Foundations in Spirituality course and becoming a Spiritual director influence what I teach and how I teach. There are times I will include Lectio Divina (divine reading) in our work before we begin certain classes in order to build in stillness. Making
room for the Spirit changed what I do in the space of counseling.

“It became real to me that I was not the agent, I could help set the conditions for what people need to do, but clearly there was something larger at work!”