As I crochet, I’m praying for the child who will be wrapped in this blanket, wearing this hat. I’m praying to God to wrap your arms and love around them.” ~ Pat Kennedy OP

Sister Pat Kennedy’s hats warm the heads of hospitalized preemies and adults in the Heartside Neighborhood. Her blankets, along with booties, bibs, and teddy bears are donated to the pregnancy help center in her parish, St. Jude’s.

“You know, we never meet the babies, the mothers, who receive these items. But I know that I’ve been praying for them. I don’t know who they are, but I’m praying for that baby, and for the mother. They both need prayers.

“It is so life-giving; my heart is warmed knowing I am doing something for somebody else, for women who can’t necessarily afford beautiful baby things. I so enjoy making hats, booties, jackets for them.”


Associate Gaylia Ross learning crochet stitches from Sister Pat Kennedy during a Congregation Service Day.

Teaching and Learning

“My sister taught me to crochet at 13 years of age,” says Sister Pat. She then took a hiatus from the craft for half of her lifetime. Her interest in knitting and crocheting were piqued again when missioned at St. Joseph Seminary in Grand Rapids. “I used to watch Sisters JoAnn Boucher† and Christopher Steinforth†, their knitting needles flying lickety split. I asked if I could watch and learn. Later I was invited to make items for mothers in need.

“You know, I continue to learn new things as I go, new patterns and techniques. It’s all very exciting to me! And I’m grateful for the opportunity to teach others.”


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