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We are excited to share the ministry of Dominican Center with these committed leaders. They bring energy and vision to our future.

The Sisters continue to inspire and lead through their relevance, resourcefulness, and as they serve their mission with hospitable hearts. We have all clearly been stretched by the events of this past year. There has been a collapse of ordinary life, exposure of fear-infused wounds, and a societal lesson in letting go. Upon witnessing the welcoming ceremony of new spiritual directors into the Dominican Family, I can say that I remain fastened to the hope of God’s divine light shining to restore our world with the spirit of love.

I carry that sunset with me, but more importantly, a profound sense that God led me there and continues to guide my journey through life. A life that constantly reminds me to be open, listen attentively, and prayerfully discern, so I not only hear God’s call but also respond to it.

This response led me to witness firsthand the seamless movement of the Spirit, converging 12 separate spiritual journeys into the practicum and creating a sacred space for God’s grace to inspire, challenge, invite, and transform all those who engaged in it. Collectively prayer, assigned readings, peer group process, discussions, and relationships provided the entry points for God to meet us where we were and lead us deeper in communion with each other, ourselves, our God, and our callings as spiritual directors.

What is presence in the virtual age?

What does it mean to be present on a Zoom call ?

As a spiritual director, what does it mean when you cannot be physically present with your directee?

How do you practice when you no longer have access to your place of practice?

What is this mystery of presence anyway?