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It’s from an Epiphany prayer by Sr. Mary Ann Barrett, alumni engagement officer at Aquinas College.

Epiphanies are realizations or insights. Personally, they come to me in contemplative moments, during my morning prayer time, listening in conversations with my colleagues and friends, witnessing my grandsons laugh and play.

As a spiritual director, I pray that epiphanies come to my directees in divine time. As the director of Dominican Center Marywood at Aquinas College, I pray that ALL realize they are welcome to our programs as they seek the holy and experience wholeness.

I’m excited about the timing of our new Enneagram programs with Dr. Patrick Bishop beginning January 12. We have several offerings that will meet you where you are and offer a gentle path toward compassionate disclosure.

“The wisdom of the Enneagram involves re-discovering your personality. Imagine the freedom of pushing away from some of the old narratives that have formed us from childhood on. Isn’t that a beautiful way to meet the new year?” writes Stacy Spitler in a personal contribution to our Dominican Center blog: New Awareness & Possibilities With Enneagram.

“Enneagram involves discovering “truths” about your personality type. The Enneagram gives us tools to unbox ourselves from the character traits we too simply associate with our personality. This either/or thinking minimizes the incredible gifts of the heart, soul, and mind within each person.”

I wish you a blessed New Year and welcome you to our community at Dominican Center Marywood at Aquinas College.

Together, “let’s stand ready and look for the epiphanies.”

In joy,
Mindy Hills, Director, Dominican Center Marywood at Aquinas College