SisterMarguerite Cool

“Be still and know that I am God.” -Psalm 46

I was born in Detroit and moved to Lakewood, Ohio, before settling in Grand Rapids with my parents, Lawrence and Gladys Cool, along with my siblings in 1945. I attended St. Francis Xavier School and was taught by the Sisters of Mercy. In June 1959 I graduated from Catholic Central, and then in September entered the Grand Rapids Dominicans.

After making final vows, I graduated from Aquinas College and began my much-loved teaching ministry in 1st through 4th grade. I taught 35 years in various Michigan Catholic Schools including urban, rural, and inner city. Many of the schools were of mixed cultures and religions. I loved my days teaching first graders. The fact that my name was Cool, the children enjoyed being called “the Cool Kids”. I feel I gave the children a gift for life by teaching them how to read. In 1998 I transitioned from educating children to teaching adults in creating a family ministry “Partners in Parenting” with Sr. Jean Kramer, OP. We found the same skills of listening, encouraging, modeling, as well as respect-patience, communication, organization, and understanding — could be used by parents to enrich their parenting skills.

Over the years I have enjoyed doodling in watercolor painting, craft making, baking and sharing favorite cookie recipes, reading, traveling back East, taking walks, and writing prayer poems.

Being part of this Dominican Congregation has been a gift and a blessing. I’m grateful for all the people I have met and the many wonderful educational opportunities and experiences I have been offered. I thank all my Dominican Sisters, family, and friends who have been loving and supportive on my journey.


Dear Sister Marguerite…

Just a note to say thank you for all you have done. We feel very fortunate that Jessica had the opportunity to be part of your class! We really appreciate the example you set and the values you instill -- teaching your students to do their best and to act responsibly and with self-controls. Not only do you teach the children to strive for excellence, but you also treat them with kindness and love and acknowledge and reward their accomplishments!

2022 – 62 Years a Sister

Prayer Ministry

Pray for children from around the world and their needs

“The purpose of parenting is to protect and teach our children to survive and thrive in the kind of society in which they live.” — Marguerite Cool, OP

Partners in Parenting Graduates
Parenting skill resources

Srs. Marguerite and Jean found that the same skills to educate children could also be used by parents to enrich their parenting skills.

“Sister Marguerite Cool, there are no words to express our appreciation to you!! Your discipline, your creativeness and originality, and your continued inspiration to the students is a joy to witness. We especially thank you for your added energy and time.” ~ An Educator

Srs. Marguerite Cool and Jean Kramer gently taught, guided, and encouraged parents of children of all ages since they co-founded Partners in Parenting in 1999. The Sisters have served more than 8,000 parents referred by area social service agencies, schools, and the courts, assisting parents in learning skills in managing anger, modeling positive behavior, discipline, coping with stress and many other challenges that parents encounter.

In ministry with Sister Marguerite Cool, OP

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