SisterJarrett DeWyse

Life is gracious!

In the midst of our every day world I was called to be a Grand Rapids Dominican and it truly has been a wondrous, mysterious journey. I am filled with gratitude for my present companions on the road, and my chance to be nourished though the housing ministry at Dwelling Place. The communities where I have lived and served have touched and changed me, my colleagues have taught me to be more loving and giving. Each has left their mark on my spirit in a thousand memories. After 50 years of opportunities to pray, befriend, study, travel and serve I can only imagine what else is in store.

On George Washington’s birthday, 1942 Leo and Leona DeWyse welcomed into the world their first of two daughters and named her after the then sitting president’s wife. Eleanor has five siblings and they all attended St. John the Evangelist Grade and High School in Essexville, Michigan, staffed by the Grand Rapids Dominican Sisters.

After coming to the Congregation in 1960, she took the name Sister Mary Jarrett of the Child Jesus. Upon completing her BS in Chemistry, she taught chemistry and physics at Marywood Academy. During her fourth year of teaching she finished an MA in Religious Studies. In the wake of Vatican II when the Grand Rapids Diocese desired to develop Adult Religious Education in the parishes, she was invited by the bishop to study theology at the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium. Since those days Jarrett has served in pastoral roles as diocesan teacher, campus minister, parish preacher and director of several endeavors for the Congregation. Full circle was completed starting in Grand Rapids, and then East Lansing, Kankakee, and now back to Grand Rapids.

Sister Jarrett currently is the Director of Housing Development for Dwelling Place. She works with architects, contractors, city officials and several other collaborators in providing the funding and the means to build safe, affordable housing for a variety of persons who need housing. When time allows she loves to read, travel, follow MSU sports, bum around places that energize her creative spirit.

2018 – 57 Years a Sister

Prayer Ministry

Pray for funding for nonprofits

Sister Jarrett along with her colleagues, Denny Sturtevant and Scott Page, review and continue to create plans for the renovation of 30-unit Senior Apartments in Holland, Michigan.

Sister Jarrett advocates for people who are homeless and continues to work to provide safe housing in West Michigan. Here she is working with the Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids Committee to End Homelessness.

Cheers from Sister Jarrett DeWyse’s friends and family filled the air as she accepted the YWCA Tribute Advocacy Award for her work advocating for justice for people who are homeless as Director of Housing Development at Dwelling Place of Grand Rapids. View video

In ministry with Sister Jarrett DeWyse, OP

Sr. Jarrett DeWyse Honored: 2014 YWCA Tribute Award


Photo Gallery Associate Commitment 2019


Jarrett DeWyse Honored by Senior Neighbors


2019 Marywood Academy Annual Reunion Luncheon, Class of 1969 Celebrates 50th