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Wondering what one word would be the net large enough to describe more than 50 years as a Dominican Sister I have chosen GRATITUDE; for parents loving me into life, my vocation, “my” HS students, women discerning their call to vowed Dominican life, the Community of Holy Rosary Parish where I served and continue currently, gratitude for the privilege of witnessing those who come seeking healing and wholeness in their lives. I am filled with gratitude too, for friends and family, my Dominican sisters and my Silva sisters, who bless my life with their goodness and love.

I am from Caleruega, land of castles, Moors,
mosques and aqueducts,
Birth too of my father Dominic.

I am from Sienna, cobbled stoned streets,
Home of my mother Catherine,
Echoing still her challenge to power.
I am from Ratisbon, house of prayer
And pioneering women of courage,
Called to leave all that was home.

I am from Michigan, land of stunning autumns,
Winter wonderland seasons and
Resurrection springs of life abundant.

I am from Nuevo Mejico, Land of Enchantment,
Hot sun, immense skies that fill your soul,
Mountains, bosques and the Rio Grande.

I am from Belen, Bethlehem,
Town and people without fame.
Here… It is here, I first delighted in Incarnation,
God with us.

2022 – 56 Years a Sister

Prayer Ministry

Pray for families in conflict

Sister Eva

Sr. Eva cantors and invites the church to join in the Responsorial Psalm.

Sister Eva and Sister Dolores Abeyta at Dominican Days 2014 at Marywood. “God’s mercy endures forever” has taken residence in the inner walls of my heart. And in the generous spaces of quiet given us, it was not then and is not now, possible to deny that “I don’t know spit,” either. It is a disturbing place to be. It is a humbling recognition of weakness. It is a comforting place to be. “Weakness changes our focus from what we can do to what God can do.”

In 1978 Mr. Eduardo Silva and his wife Rafaelita Silva joined Sisters Bernice Garcia, Eileen Jaramillo, Charlotte Mondragon and Eva Silva in a serenade of Spanish music during the Dominican Gathering dinner. It was a joyful moment of sharing and creating an experience of “Nuevo Mejico.” (6) – From: Tapestry in Time A History of the Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids, Michigan 1966-2012

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