Never having been attracted to religious life, it was a surprise to me when a strong call to join the Dominican Sisters came sixty years ago. The call itself hit me like a brick, not a fluttery sticky- note. It was unexpected and strong.

Those first days at Marywood were like entering a medieval world with its Latin chants and regimented schedule. It struck me as odd, but I adapted to this new way of praying and living and loved the classes at Aquinas College – expansive to both mind and imagination. Making new friends, surrounded by caring people in an atmosphere of trust
and joy was nourishing to my spirit. The strong and competent women leading us were both admirable and inspiring.

Always an eager learner, I was enthralled with the possibilities before me and came to relish both learning and teaching, which became my life’s work and ministry until ten years ago when I was appointed the archivist for the congregation.

The years have flown as they do. What remains clear is the fact that I never looked back. Life continues to be an adventure – ever ancient, ever new. I can imagine no other.