“Fill us each dawn with steadfast love, then rejoicing and gladness will fill our days.”

~ Psalm 90

It is hard to believe so many years have passed since that day we first walked into Marywood (a place which changed over time – yet remains “home”). These years (and the 365 days that made each up) have been good, challenging, difficult, happy, and sad at times, and somehow we have lived through it all to fullness of days!!

We have seen growth in our families with weddings and births, and we have been diminished at other times and suffered through the deaths of parents, brothers, sisters, and friends – including classmates Amata, Theresa, Jeannette, Margaret, and Marie Benedict. Most of us celebrated our 50th in Branson and made lasting memories and our 60th at the lake! Plus, we had many “class dinners” over the years during Dominican Days. So many shared memories, so many more made with family and friends! There has been travel for study and prayer (and lots for just plain fun!) – tours and pilgrimages – my last trip about 4-5 years ago to Fanjeaux remains especially memorable!

Now here we are on the threshold of 75! For all that has been, we say “THANKS” and for all that remains, we say “AMEN!” I am extremely grateful for my years in ministry as grade school and high school teacher and principal and now for 40+ as Director of Faith Formation in three different parishes. Each ministry has held its difficulties; but through it all, there have been joys and moments of delight too numerous to count! God is so loving, gracious, kind, and good! Let the JUBILEE begin!!