“Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine.”

~ Isaiah 43:1

Looking forward to a name change at reception, I was so sure it wasn’t going to change and had gotten so engrossed in everyone else’s name, I had to ask my Dad, “What name did the Bishop give me?” I guess since Sister Leonard had suggested I ask for it, I felt it was already set in stone. My name had never meant too much to me until later when I realized I was not changing my vocation but answering the Baptismal call given me shortly after my birth. I had expressed my desire to be a Sister like Sister Leonard in my early CCD years, and it just never left me. Nurtured by a family of Faith through losses and hard work, I realized that Baptismal dedication was answering the daily call to accept God’s invitation to life and then remaining faithful to God’s love.

Thus, I found myself taken in that daily adventure from teaching to accounting to hospitality and housekeeping. Then through accounting, I found myself in parish ministry and bookkeeping, RCIA, administration and renovation of churches.

With many crafts filling my extra time, I have been privileged to develop a love of iconography. Attending a workshop on icon writing developed into a dreamed-of achievement in my life. My love of the art allowed me to attempt to produce the image of Jesus who is the image of his Father. What a humbling gift!

All has been gift in my life including family, friends, and the gift of God’s love through Baptism and doing one’s daily best to remain loyal to that love. With gratitude I say, ‘Thanks be to God’ for all who have touched me throughout the past 60 years. My gratitude for living with women faithful to their vocation and continuing spirit of loving God through their Baptismal commitment and commitment to our Community. God is so good.