“Glory and Praise to our God who alone is light to our days. Many are the blessings to those who trust in God’s ways.”

Jubilarian 2017 – 60 Years a Sister

Sixty years of blessings. How can I give thanks to the Lord for his great goodness to me?

I have received so many, many blessings: my wonderful Bockheim family, my St. Alphonsus Redemptorist family, friends, my Dominican Family and Community; so many wonderful inspiring women and men, friends and all those who have accompanied me on my life´s journey.

I am especially grateful for the years in Chimbote and to the people living in poverty that have welcomed me into their hearts and homes. One feels humble in the presence of the poor.

I give thanks for the many years of blessings. Blessings like stars in the sky just cannot be counted. When we take the time to look at them they fill us with profound awe, joy, and deep gratitude. May St. Dominic look down on us all and smile.

When Esau looked about, he saw the women and children. “Who are these with you?” he asked. Jacob answered, “They are the children whom God graciously bestowed on your servant.”

~ Genesis 33:5