“I have come that you may have life and have it to the full.”
~ John 10:10

I praise and thank God for this special year. This year I will turn 90 years old and celebrate 70 years of life of being a Grand Rapids Dominican Sister. How awesome is that?

God blessed my first 19 years of life with a wonderful faith-filled family which included my mom, Rose Pawloski Anderson, my dad, Charles Anderson, my older brother Al, my sister Betty, and five brothers: Phil, Bill, Tom, Peter who died at one month, and Bob. I grew up in Traverse City, MI. Our house was on 12th street where we could see the Dominican Sisters back yard. We attended St. Francis Church and had Dominican Sisters at St. Francis School. Sister Lucinda was the Sister who inspired me to become a Dominican Sister.

The next 71 years of life and ministry were awesome and challenging as I journeyed into greater fullness of life. I especially loved teaching first graders, teaching on Beaver Island, working with people who were mentally or physically challenged, studying to become a Spiritual Director, going to the Lands of Dominic in Spain, France, and Italy for three weeks.

In between all of this, I loved studying and doing oil and watercolor painting, belonging to the Dominican Institute of the Arts (DIA), and using my art work in our Pax Christi of West Michigan group. I feel so blessed to be a member of the Grand Rapids Dominicans who have inspired me to live a deeper love of God, working for peace and justice for all people and care of God’s wonderful earth.