“God will not ask us how eloquently we have spoken, but how well we have lived.”

~ Venerable Matt Talbot

I left my family home in Westphalia to enter the Grand Rapids Dominican Sisters on September 8th, 1961. At this time, my intentions were to be a classroom teacher. So as a Postulant I attended Aquinas College. Going back to school after working in an office for six years was difficult, but I survived.

After the first year, the next chapter was the Novitiate. This year God had other plans, not to be a teacher but to serve his people in the Ministry of Food Service. I enjoyed working in the East Wing Kitchen where I started and from there to the House of Studies.

My ministry changed from 1985 to 1987 to being a driver to take the Sisters to their appointments. I found this a joy and very rewarding.

So back to Food Service in convents, in Seminaries, in Assistant Living Homes, One Way House for women, and Jellema House for men. So, my thought of teaching in a classroom turned out to be teaching God’s people in other ways.

The highlight of one of my ministries was working at St. Laurence Seminary in Mt. Calvary, Wisconsin. Sister Maureen Sheahan and I went out as a team. The two of us, with some help from the ladies of the village, served 350 meals three times a day.

Over the years I’ve enjoyed traveling, stamp collecting, watching basketball and football games, and sending greeting cards to all of my family members, especially on birthdays and anniversaries, just to stay connected. I must add, I never buy a card, I use all re-cycled ones.