“I will praise God all my life, sing to God all my days.”

~ Psalm 146

I am grateful and thank God for my Dominican Vocation, my loving and supportive parents, my Dominican Sisters and all those whose lives I have touched and who have touched my life during these wonderful and challenging 60 years. As I continue my journey, I thank God for the many blessings I have received.

I was born on March 29, 1934, to Sabino and Maria Gonzales in Glorieta, NM, the fifth of ten children. I thank God for my loving parents.

I did not have the privilege of attending Catholic Schools and had never met Sisters, but I had a strong desire to serve God in some way. After graduation from Santa Fe High School, I somehow came across Nazareth Hospital in Albuquerque, NM where I met the Dominican Sisters and I knew this was where I belonged. I loved working with the Sisters and after two years, they helped me see that I had a Vocation and guided me to the Dominican Community in Grand Rapids.

My ministries took me to Hospitals at Nazareth and Santa Rosa where I was the Business Manager. I also had a great desire to minister to children and moved onto Religious Education. I ministered at three parishes in northern NM. I treasure memories of my ministry at Holy Cross Parish in Santa Cruz where I was Religious Education Director and where I continued to consult with the new DRE and coordinate parish activities including our annual 9-day Novena of Prayer “LAS POSADAS”.