to praise. to bless. to preach.

The Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids are seekers of truth and empower others in the same pursuit.

We are founded for and committed to teaching and preaching the Word of God in what we say and what we do. We joyfully embrace our vocation to seek God as the sole desire of our heart and to be the compassion and justice of Jesus in our time and place. “Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.” ~ St. Catherine of Siena.

Papal Encyclical on Environment 

The Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids affirm our Congregation’s 1992 Care of Earth Direction Statement:

We commit ourselves to foster the contemplative stance that all the earth is sacred and interconnected; respect and accountability for the earth are necessary to the survival of life. We affirm that actions which impact the environment will be preceded by the question: Is this action which I (we) are performing supportive of the environment?

As we continue to contemplate Care of Earth as a Congregation we encourage our community of friends to reflect on a poem by St. Francis of Assisi. 

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About the Dominican Sisters

We are known for our passionate work to promote justice, support peace, alleviate poverty, oppose violence, reject oppression, mentor lay ministers, teach both children and adults, and protect the earth.

Our specific directions in ministry for the past twenty years have been to:

  • recognize and be open to the Holy in ourselves and one another 
  • affirm the need for community and renew our energy to live common life well
  • stand in solidarity with those who are materially poor
  • stand in solidarity with women who have suffered from oppression and violence
  • advocate for children in local, national and international communities
  • collaborate with others to effect systemic change toward a just world
  • foster a contemplative stance that all the earth is sacred and interconnected




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Dominican Center
at Marywood

Collaboration and hospitality are part of the Dominican way of life. Visitors will discover many welcoming, peaceful places within our walls and on the grounds of Marywood in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This 34-acre campus, located at the corner of Lakeside and Fulton, is the home and center of communal life for our Sisters. Yet it is also home to ministries of all kinds.  Map of Marywood Campus 

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