who we are

Emboldened by faith, serving with joy.


In the tradition of St. Dominic and St. Catherine of Siena, The Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids are a faith community dedicated to the work of the gospel.

Our personal and communal way of life is guided by vows of Obedience, Celibacy and Poverty.

  • Poverty: In our times poverty challeges us to live simply and to hold all things in common, to share our time, talents and possessions for ministering to God’s people.
  • Celibacy: Celibate chastity witnesses to the all-inclusive love of God, allows us to be open to loving all people and challenges us to be more available to respond to the needs of God’s people.
  • Obedience: By the vow of obedience we strive constantly to imitate Christ’s obedience to God’s will, attending to the signs of the times, the Gospel and the renewed spirit of the Dominican charism.