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Come with us as we move among God’s people blessing and preaching in word and action.

The Spiritual Inivitation of Anxiety

Are you one of 18 million people who experience anxiety? Are you aware that the anxiety you are experiencing may be a spiritual wake-up call? Anxiety is a powerful invitation to cultivate spiritual practices that bring true peace; to transform your relationship with yourself and Spirit. In this powerful program, you will learn how to create a new mindset around anxiety and learn 6 life-changing practices that can help you live with less anxiety and more joy. Despite what it seems, anxiety can be a profound pathway to lasting inner peace.

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Self-Compassion Saturday: A Day Retreat for Women

As women, we expect so much from ourselves—more than we do from other people. We push ourselves beyond all reasonable limits. We struggle with perfectionism and feelings of deservedness, putting ourselves last on the list. In time, our well being suffers. Learn how you can overcome this tendency with self-compassion practices and recreate a whole and holy relationship with yourself that is loving and kind. Together, we will enjoy a gentle retreat day in and explore how to be as compassionate with ourselves as we are with others.

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An Evening of Metta (Lovingkindness) Meditation

As we head into the holidays, it is wise and good to maintain an open heart. Come for a delightful evening learning and practicing Metta Meditation (Loving-kindess meditation). Metta is sourced in the Vipassana tradition of Buddhism, but a similar version is found in Judaism, as well as in many other religious traditions. It is a practice of blessing—wishing ourselves and others well. Loving-kindness practice uses 4 phrases of blessing. It stabilizes thoughts, relaxes the mind, purifies and opens the heart—even toward difficult people. In this season of high and holy days when we spend so much time with other people, Metta can help us heal wounds, transcend difficulties, and love everyone more.

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