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ending homelessness committee

Purpose: To collaborate with the Grand Rapids Coalition to End Homelessness in their efforts to end homelessness in Kent County through ongoing efforts to increase awareness of the issues surrounding homelessness, and through personal and systemic ways that contribute to its eradication.

We commit to:

1. Educate ourselves and others about the ongoing realities of homelessness — problems, concerns reasons for homelessness in our county and how it affects people and families.

2. In collaboration with the Congregational Partnership Program, engage in the work of empowering families to grow and succeed by helping families through personal support while they are getting back on their feet after an episode of homelessness.

3. Financially support the Congregational Partnership Program with recommendations for funding from the Congregation on a yearly basis.

4. Find ways to be personally engaged in relating to the homeless population. In recent years we have been engaged in supplying Welcome baskets to homeless individuals who are renting apartments for the first time, visited with residents in permanent support housing programs. The Sunday Assembly at Dominican Chapel have helped the committee also when needs have been brought to their attention.

5. Raise awareness of the plight of homeless people and collect funds to help the homeless programs in our city. Over the last 11 years we have sponsored four concerts in Grand Rapids.


Community Outreach: Welcome Baskets for Grand Rapids Residents

Each year, our Committee to End Homelessness works with friends of our Congregation to collect and compile welcome baskets for people who are moving back into a home environment after some length of time; some haven’t had a place to call home in years. The baskets contain cleaning supplies and household items.

In 2016, we are collecting items to make baskets for 18 homeless veterans and 13 families who are survivors of domestic violence. They will move into newly renovated apartments in Downtown Grand Rapids around Thanksgiving time. Our plan is to gather BRAND NEW ITEMS and have welcome baskets awaiting them.

We accept contributions of new items throughout the year. We equally welcome your financial support. Checks are to be made out to the Grand Rapids Dominicans (welcome basket donation noted). Cash is to be sealed in an envelope with welcome basket donation on the front.
Both checks and cash can be given to the Marywood receptionist 

For more information, contact Mary Nausatis or Kathy Przybylski, OP

Each basket includes:

Laundry basket
Small frying pan
Pillows Hand towels
Small waste basket +2 quart sauce pan 
4 glasses 4 pl. settings of silverware
4 place settings of dishes (plates, cups, soul bowls)
Cutting board
Kitchen utensils
Kitchen knives

Twin Sheets
Bath towels
Pillow Case
2 dishcloths
kitchen towels
hot pads

Cleaning supplies
Toiletries Plunger