11th Annual Dollars FORE Dominicans

This year marks our 11th anniversary of Dollars FORE Dominicans!

Thanks to our wonderful supporters, this event continues to raise critical dollars to support the lives and ministries of the Sisters.

Each year, Dollars Fore Dominicans not only offers a great day of golf, it significantly supports the Sisters who are:

  • providing prenatal and maternity care to mothers in Chimbote, Peru
  • offering spiritual companionship to people through parishes, prisons, and hospitals
  • teaching and tutoring in high schools, colleges, and adult learning centers
  • advocating for dignity, justice, and opportunity for people in need

So we invite you to tee-up, aim straight and sink one for our Sisters by participating this year!

As always, we are immensely grateful to you!

Sara Smolenski and Linda Burpee
Event Co-Chairs


For more information, please contact

2017 Golf Committee

Sara Smolenski & Linda Burpee, Co-Chairs

Sr. Mary Ann Barrett
Jane Calkins
Charlie Ferro
Mary Beth Fitzgerald
Sr. Marilyn Holmes
Jim Kenyon
Jack Kirkwood
Sarah LaVoie
Cindy Mader
Pam Olsen
Jaye VanLenten
Dan Vaughan
Ann Zoellner

Thank you to our Sponsors!