SisterLynne Hansen

Nothing worthwhile in life is sudden. (Anthony Padovano)

This is the quote I used for my final profession. How true this was in my life. Growth was slow but sure with many bumps along the way. Thanks to my Sisters in Community, and the opportunities afforded me; I have grown deeply in my Spiritual life and am able to share it with others.

Iwas born in the beautiful town of Ludington, MI, the youngest of three children. We were raised by my mother and our beloved Grampa. He was the one who showed me God. He went fishing almost every day and many times I went with him. When the sun started to come up in the harbor, the sea gulls were flying and calling to each other and then there was almost total silence. My Grampa would gently say, “That’s God!” Solitude was always a part of my early life.

I entered the Community at the age of 21 after a stint in the Navy and working in Milwaukee, both in secretarial work. I wanted to take private vows to the Bishop but he told me that I was too young.

The Community needed teachers and so I taught preschool and primary grades all of my teaching years. It was a good fit.

2018 – 53 Years a Sister

Prayer Ministry

Pray for women and children of abuse

Sister Lynne painting Dominican Crosses to be blessed and hung in the patient rooms at Marywood Health Center.

Sisters Lynne Hansen and Julia Nellett are part of the Sisters Car Care and Transportation Ministries.

In ministry with Sister Lynne Hansen, OP

Making a Difference in the Lives of People Who Need You


Contributing Meaningfully, Serving with Love & Joy for Bethany Christian Services


Dominican Crosses Blessed by Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids


Dominican Sisters Day of Service