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There’s a quiet force in the development office at Marywood – a Sister with a dry sense of humor, a sharp mind, a compassionate heart and the ability to wrangle a complex database.

In her 57 years as a Dominican Sister, Sister Regina Goeldel has ministered through supporting roles. She has served as a secretary and administrative assistant at Marywood, Immaculate Heart of Mary, Aquinas College, St. Pius X, and years later she is back again at Marywood. She will tell you she’s “being recycled.”
Every donation that is received by the Dominican Sisters is touched at some point by Sister Regina. And Sister Regina is touched by every donation that crosses her desk.

She marvels at the generosity of donors and has a special admiration for each of them, whom she likens to giving the widow’s mite.

She relishes a challenge, she’s discreet, and she has an uncanny knack for effortlessly connecting with people. A donor who calls with a question will find a keen problem solver in Sister Regina. She makes connections that bring people together, listens to stories about Sisters whose ministries have been instrumental in someone’s life, and freely shares messages of gratitude.

Sister Regina also has stories to tell of being influenced by the Sisters. She looks with gratitude upon her formative years at Grand Rapids Catholic Central. “The Sisters there were a major influence in my life, not only as a student but in my three years working there after graduation. These faith-filled women seemed so happy, so knowledgeable, so ready to listen and help.”

Joyful and sharp, with a listening ear and a helpful spirit – these are qualities exuded by this quiet force. Sister Regina may choose to remain out of the spotlight, yet her willing presence and gracious voice are treasured for the incredible role she plays in making the ministries of the Sisters possible.

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