Our Marywood Campus

As the Motherhouse of the Grand Rapids Dominican Congregation, Marywood is a dynamic environment that has grown and adapted to changing needs and times.

This oasis of 34 acres in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has long served as a welcoming place for formation of Sisters and ministries of gathering, worship, learning, meditation, art, respite and healing.

Marywood is also a source of quality, holistic healthcare for Sisters and for the wider community. Spirituality programs, conferences, workshops, and retreats are hosted at Dominican Center. And our Center for Spirituality provides formation to adults of all faiths from around the nation. Aquinata Hall  is a residential nursing center.

Campus Contacts

Leadership & Administration   616.459.2910

Mission Advancement   616.514.3110

Communications  616.514.3455

Marywood House  616.514.3325

Marywood Facilities 616.514.3343

Marywood Human Resources 616.514.3322

Dominican Center & Chapel Reception  616.514.3325

Aquinata Hall  616.259.1703

Discerning the Future

Discernment Blessing

The Spirit of Truth is with us, leading us into the future, giving us clear vision and passionate confidence in God’s abiding presence on our journey. May we bring authenticity and openness to our prayer and discernment. And may we stand with open hearts and minds before the God of the Future who waits to bless us again.

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Marywood Campus Closed to All Visitors Until Further Notice