Be With Us

Help us to be peacemakers in a hostile world. This we pray.

Life is abundant with blessings. And one of the greatest blessings is the opportunity to spend time in relationship with God and with others.

Our ministries call people to deepen their relationship with God, and to be with one another in relationship.  Our ministries of worship include Sunday Assembly at Dominican Chapel at Marywood, and our ministries of learning and formation can be found at Dominican Center at Marywood.

Jesus came to BE WITH us on Earth. We follow in his footsteps, every day, by BEING WITH you, by creating spaces where we can be with all.

None of us can know all things; and so, by creating opportunities to BE WITH others, we share relationship and contemplative dialogue in community.

Dominican Associate Life is another relationship path. Dominican Associates are non-vowed women and men who desire to practice their Christian faith in the spirit of the Dominican Order of Preachers. More than 150 Associates have made commitment to Associate Life, supporting one another and bringing Dominican values to their family, community, place of worship and workplace.

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Listen attentively to the still, small whisper of God’s love.

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