Our Leadership

Our leadership is tasked with a two-fold mission: to provide for the care of the household that is the Grand Rapids Dominican Congregation and to assure the legacy of our mission and ministries.

Knowing that the Holy Spirit dwells in and works through all in the Congregation, we listen to the wisdom inherent in each Sister and deliberate in a spirit of collegiality. Congregation-wide discernment empowers us to take action on behalf of the Congregation.

We elect a leadership team serving in the roles of prioress, vicaress and two councilors every 6 years. This team act as servant leaders. We are leaders called to serve in humility, trust, and generosity.


Our 2012-2018 Leadership Team

The things that we believe in are the things the world is hungry for.

Sister Maureen Geary, Prioress

Leadership Team 2012-2018

A Rich Leadership Legacy: Grand Rapids Dominican Prioresses

  • Aquinas Weber, OP 1966-1972
  • †  Marjorie Vangsness, OP 1972-1980
  • Teresa Houlihan, OP 1980-1988
  • Carmelita Murphy, OP 1988-1994
  • Barbara Hansen, OP 1994-2000
  • Maribeth Holst, OP  2000-2006
  • Nathalie Meyer, OP  2006-2012
  • Maureen Geary, OP  2012-2018