Ministry Legacies

Our ministry legacies highlight the stories of Sisters who came before us. Our story is never ours alone. Our Congregation carries within it the spirit of those who are no longer with us.

The devotion, dedication and determination of Sisters who have passed are realized in our prayers and ministries. Just as any family does, we celebrate our rich heritage. We cherish the traditions and take confidence in a deep sense of knowing who we are because of long legacy of those who came before us.

We celebrate the legacies of love and service of our Sisters and the ministries they helped build, transform. The ministries that we have passed on to others with our blessings.

St. Johns Home founded in 1887 is now known as D.A. Blodgett St. John’s
Marywood Academy and Sacred Heart Academy
• Education Ministry in New Mexico
• Ministries in Honduras
• Eastown Community Redevelopment
• Grandville Avenue Arts & Humanities, Cook Arts Center, Cook Library Center

• More Aquinas College History
• Education Ministry in Michigan

Ministry Legacies

If you seek specific information about the history of our Congregation and Sisters, we invite you to make an appointment to talk with our archivists and visit our Archives.

We invite you to enjoy The Legacy Room, which welcomes visitors to explore historical moments, stories, and archival objects of the Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids.

Our Archives Department curates The Legacy Room, planning and changing out exhibits regularly.

A measure of our success is helping found and grow ministries that meet the needs of the times– and nurturing appropriate and sustainable futures for these ministries as they evolve.

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