Become a Peace & Justice Advocate

Walk with us. Together, our vision and voices are mighty.

YOU, too, can become a peace and justice advocate.

  • Listen to those who are oppressed, economically poor, and living on the margins.
  • Seek to understand the interconnected realities that are the roots of injustice and conflict.
  • Work with others to challenge and change the systems that perpetuate the harm that is being done.
  • Address injustice in a spirit of respect, compassion, and solidarity.

Get Engaged through Study, Prayer, Community, and Service

  • Explore programs with a justice focus at Dominican Center at Marywood.
  • Prayer, action alerts, study, or active committee work, there are many ways to get involved. An invitation from the Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids Justice Promoter
  • There are other organizations in West Michigan, and all over the country, working to bring about justice in our world. We encourage you to get involved when and wherever you find your self.

What is the “Call to Justice” from the worldwide Dominican Family?

The North American Dominican Justice Promoters have given priority to justice areas for our ministry:

  • Climate Justice
  • Peace and Security of All Life
  • Migration and Immigration
  • Human Trafficking
  • Economic Justice

Knowing that everything is embedded in the web of relationships, we note the reality of racism and its impact on all these issues. Our commitment to justice calls us to work to dismantle racism.

We recognize that each of these areas of injustice are rooted in racism, sexism, poverty, and oppression that give rise to violence. These root causes of injustice inform our study and search of truth. Such study helps guide us to commitments in the areas where we can be most effective individually and collectively.   View