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Emboldened by faith, serving with joy.

celebrating jubilee

catchingfireThe Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids honor the commitment of our members when a Sister reaches a specific number of years in her religious life: twenty-five, fifty, sixty, seventy, seventy-five and eighty.

Each chose consecrated life as her vocation. Each is emboldened by faith and serving with joy. Each builds upon the legacy of 800 years of Dominican faith and faithfulness. 

If you want to share news about our Jubilarians, you can email the booklet in PDF format by clicking to open, then copying and pasting this link. Or, share a link to this page on our website where friends and family can read more about each Jubilarian online. http://www.grdominicans.org/who-we-are/sisters/jubilarians-2016/

You can also share Jubilarian news with your facebook friends. Go to https://www.facebook.com/dominicansistersgrandrapids 

Jubilarians 2016

To find out more about an individual Sister, click on her photograph below.

View the 2016 Jubilarian Booklet in its entirety here.

Sister Carmella 
Conway, OP

75 Years

Sister Helen 
Jude, OP
75 Years
Sister Marie Bernarde 
Salazar, OP
70 Years
Sister Thomas Estelle 
Bryan, OP

70 Years
Sister Michael Anne
Nic, OP
70 Years
Sister Mary Lee 
Pitre, OP
70 Years

Sister Olga
Mizzi, OP
70 Years

Sister Phyllis
Brown, OP

70 Years
Sister Dolorita 
Martinez, OP
60 Years
Sister Ellen Mary
Lopez, OP
60 Years
Sister Joanne 
Toohey, OP
60 Years
Sister Bernice 
Garcia, OP

60 Years

Sister Joan 
Alflen, OP
60 Years

Sister Doris 
Faber, OP

60 Years
Sister Ann
Porter, OP
60 Years
Sister Rosemary 
O’Donnell, OP
60 Years
Sister Susan 
Keller, OP

50 Years

Sister Nancy 
Brousseau, OP
50 Years

Sister Carol 
Gilbert, OP

50 Years
Sister Dorothy 
Ederer, OP
50 Years
Sister Phyllis 
Supancheck, OP
50 Years