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Boycott Companies Which Advertise and Promote Smoking Among Young People

Joining INFACT, a non-partisan, national membership organization mobilizing people around the world in grassroots campaigns, the sisters pledged to boycott at least two products from these companies during the duration of the international effort to force Phillip Morris and RJR Nabisco from advertising and promoting smoking among children and young people across the world. This is the fifth such corporate stance taken by the Congregation’s members. Earlier they boycotted General Electric products, California grapes, Styrofoam products and Coca Cola. Only the grape boycott continues at this time, the others being terminated when the companies met the criteria promoted by INFACT or other conditions were met. For example, in the case of the Styrofoam boycott, it was recognized that the production and use of either paper or Styrofoam products produces harmful environmental effects. Thus, many sisters carry their own mugs and avoid such convenience products and where they cannot be avoided, they recycle.

A corporate stance requires that 2/3 of the members voting approve the action. In the case of the recent vote, 243 of the 250 members voting, approved of the boycott. This stance flows out of a Direction Statement adopted in 1994 which reads: “Given our educational and social service history with children, we commit ourselves to act as their advocates in local, national and international communities.” The boycott extends not only to the individual sisters but also to their institutions. Thus the dietary department on the Marywood campus will be seeking alternatives to these nationally known brands. The sisters will also promote the boycott in the parishes and other institutions in which they minister.