who we are

Emboldened by faith, serving with joy.

The Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids seek to end injustice through systemic action.

2013-2014 Dominican Call to Justice Please click on the link to view our Congregation’s  corporate stances.   

A corporate stance is the public response to an issue of basic human rights, civil rights, and/or global concerns. Sisters may propose stances to redress an injustice, which are then put through an established process of study, reflection, prayer, discussion and vote of the membership. When approved by at least two-thirds of the members, these positions are shared with the public as a way to witness to our faith and our discipleship in Jesus and to educate and provide support to address the injustice. Our Constitution and many Church documents support our active involvement in response to injustices.

Our Congregation has a new corporate stance: Unaccompanied Children on the Border (2014)

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Click here to read the stance in its entirety, with our rationale and theological considerations.

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The Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids recognize, as a moral obligation, the need to protect children fleeing violence or oppression in their homelands. We commit ourselves to act as their advocates in local, national, and international communities.