who we are

Emboldened by faith, serving with joy.

call to justice

Concern for all God’s creation is the framework which we build upon as Dominican Promoters of Justice.

As Dominicans, we:

  • Study the interrelatedness of all
  • Challenge systems that dominate and oppress our world
  • Encourage a lifestyle that fosters equality and mutuality
  • Preach truth that liberates all
  • Pray to sustain hope
  • Enhance life for Earth’s community

Following this framework, the justice issues we work toward fall into three categories: Care of EarthCulture of Peace and Global Partnership. Each Sister and Associate selects the issue that is dearest to her/his heart, thereby contributing actively toward our congregational justice efforts.

Dominican Call to Justice 2015-2017

The Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids is a member of the North American Dominican Promoters of Justice, Peace, and Care of Creation. As such, we respond to the call for justice in our world today. We address injustice in a spirit of respect, compassion, and solidarity with the whole Earth community.

We support the proposed United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a universal set of targets that follow and expand on the Millennium Development Goals expiring at the end of 2015. Like its predecessor, the all-encompassing goal of the SDGs is to end poverty. To achieve this goal we must recognize and challenge the underlying bias regarding culture, race, and women, as well as the overarching issue of climate change and its impact on all justice issues.

We As members of the world-wide Dominican Family, we advocate for justice through our ministries, through our preaching, through our presence at the United Nations, and through socially responsible investing. We collaborate with all who seek a more just and sustainable world.

In solidarity with our family of sisters and brothers, we commit to study, advocate,  and act in the following areas:

  • Climate Justice
  • Economic Justice
  • Human Trafficking
  • Migration/Immigration
  • Peace and Security for All Life