who we are

Emboldened by faith, serving with joy.

our mission


Our mission is that of Jesus ~ to be God’s saving grace in the world. This has been our endeavor since our beginning in 1877 as teachers and care givers to children. Since then we have continued to teach and to care for people through partnerships with nonprofit agencies and work in hospital ministries, social service agencies and hospice care. We have created works of art, been leaders in liturgical reform and fostered life in parishes and communities.


Our specific directions in ministry for the past twenty years have been to:

  • recognize and be open to the Holy in ourselves and one another of whatever culture and lifestyle
  • affirm the need for community and renew our energy to live common life well
  • stand in solidarity with those who are materially poor
  • stand in solidarity with other women who have suffered from oppression and violence
  • advocate for children in local, national and international communities
  • collaborate with others to effect systemic change toward a just world
  • foster a contemplative stance that all the earth is sacred and interconnected

Rooted in both the Word of God and the Dominican tradition of the Catholic church, we strive for a balance of contemplative prayer, on going study and active service in our common life. Our ministries are defined by our particular gifts and talents, and are embraced and supported by our community.