who we are

Emboldened by faith, serving with joy.

our mission & our presence

To be the compassion and justice of Jesus in our time and place. 

The Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids live and share the glory of the Gospel today through our ministries in Michigan, New Mexico, other locations in North America, abroad in Peru and Honduras, and wherever we are called.

We are known for our passionate work to promote justice, support peace, alleviate poverty, oppose violence, reject oppression, mentor lay ministers, teach both children and adults, and protect the earth.

We are teachers, caregivers, spiritual companions, advocates for peace and justice, artists, musicians, authors, and poets. Together we praise, bless, and preach God’s love through all we do.

Marywood Campus is the location of our motherhouse. It is also a welcoming places for ministries of assembly, worship, learning, meditation, art. respite and healing. 

2012-2018 Leadership Team


As pictured: Sandra Delgado, OP, Vicaress; Maureen Geary, OP, Prioress; Lucianne Siers, OP, Councilor; Mary Ann Barrett, OP, Councilor

Tapestry in Time and Period Pieces sm

Read about the lives and times of the Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids and the people who have been a part of our lives. Tapestry in Time The Story of the Dominican Sisters Grand Rapids, 1966-2012 is available in the Dominican Center Bookstore.


Our Directions in Ministry

Our specific directions in ministry for the past twenty years have been to…

• recognize and be open to the Holy in ourselves and one another.

• affirm the need for community and renew our energy to live common life well

• stand in solidarity with those who are materially poor

• stand in solidarity with women who have suffered from oppression and violence

• advocate for children in local, national and international communities

• collaborate with others to effect systemic change toward a just world

• foster a contemplative stance that all the earth is sacred and interconnected


Direction Statements guide our congregation “in setting guidelines, priorities, and directions that have far-reaching effects as they continue to challenge social consciousness and ministry choices.” (Source: Tapestry in Time, p. 253)