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chimbote, peru

Maternidad, the maternity clinic, serves 250 mothers and children on a daily basis. The outpatient service, Postmedica, treats 150 people each day with lab work, maternal deliveries, or classes and programs such as: prenatal stimulation, Lamaze, and nutrition and TB programs. Today, Maternidad has fifty beds and two delivery rooms. Mothers and babies stay for two days, receive instructions on postnatal care and receive follow-up visits for one year.

Sisters Margaret Mary Birchmeier and Lillian Bockheim of the Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids share the direction of medical services at the clinic. The Sisters also share in the operational financing of Maternidad.  Additional staff members include Dr. Cesar Caseres, laboratory pathologist and director of the clinic laboratory; Teresa Salinias, professional midwife and personnel director; and Father Jules Roos, administrator. The Peruvian staff is comprised of 12 doctors, 17 certified nurse midwives and more than 75 other personnel.

The center works in collaboration with the Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids and the Diocese of Pittsburgh. College and university medical students and professors provide medical and nursing students with field experience while working at the Center.