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Chimbote, Peru

Centro De Obras Sociales: La Maternidad De Maria a Posta Medica De Martin, Clincal Laboratory

Chimbote is one of the most impoverished desert cities in Peru, with a population of over 350,000. For more than forty years, Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids have taken part in fostering the growth of the Social Work Center — Centro De Obras Sociales — a maternity clinic that delivers about three hundred babies each month.

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San Pedro Sula, Honduras

After Hurricane Mitch wrought devastation on Honduras in 1998, Sisters Joan Williams (Grand Rapids, Michigan) and Doris Regan (Columbus, Ohio) joined the mission in San Pedro Sula in Honduras, where fifty percent of the one million residents are living in poverty. One goal of the mission was to build houses and community center for eleven families left homeless after the hurricane.

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