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ending homelessness committee


The purpose of the Ending Homelessness Committee is to initiate efforts to eliminate homelessness in Kent County and to support ongoing activities of the Coalition to End Homelessness.

Current Membership

Jarrett DeWyse, OP
(616) 458-9922

Mona Schwind, OP
(616) 575-5608

Maureen Geary, OP
Elizabeth Bishop, OP
Kathy Przybylski, OP
Marjorie Stein, OP
Rosemary Homrich, OP
Anna Maria Santiago, OP
Aquinas Weber, OP
Bernice Garcia, OP
Catherine Williams, OP
Gail Ann Martin, OP
Laurena Alflen, OP
Suzanne Tracy, OP
Margaret Thomas, OP
Marie Michael Jacobs, OP
Mary Donnelly, OP
Mary Kay Oosdyke, OP
Nancy Brousseau, OP
Ottilia Schaub, OP