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Come with us as we move among God’s people blessing and preaching in word and action.

Services for Sr. Dolores Abeyta, OP at Dominican Chapel/Marywood

Funeral Mass    Saturday, March 18    10:00 am Our Lady of Fatima Church: Albuquerque, NM Remembering Service    Tuesday, March 28    7:00 pm Dominican Chapel/Marywood: Grand Rapids, MI Memorial Mass    Wednesday, March 29    4:00 pm Dominican Chapel/Marywood: Grand Rapids, MI At the time of her Golden Jubilee, Sister Dolores reflected on Read More

National Catholic Sisters Week – Day of Service Photo Gallery

In celebrating National Catholic Sisters Week, March 8-14, the Dominican Sisters Grand Rapids welcomed 142 volunteers from our Dominican Sisters friends community to serve and support some of the most vulnerable in West Michigan. Volunteers helped to ensure hungry kids get fed, new babies are swaddled and warm, and above all, that Dominican core values, Read More

Services for Sr. Catherine Ann Winowiecki, OP at Dominican Chapel/Marywood

Friday, March 10  Remembering Service  7:00 pm Saturday, March 11  Funeral Mass  11:00 am In 1976 she began fifteen years as a baker at Marywood, a favorite task in the ministry of food service. Her warm, delicious breads, iced breakfast rolls, cookies and other baked goods delighted postulants, novices and professed sisters alike. She rose Read More

Services for Sr. Vita Licari, OP at Dominican Chapel/Marywood

Thursday, March 9  Remembering Service  4:15 pm Friday, March 10  Funeral Mass  11:00 am “It was not you who chose me, it was I who chose you.” (John 15:16 At the time of her Golden Jubilee in 1998, Sister Vita Licari wrote: “For fifty years, as mystifying as those words have been to me—that God Read More

Dominican Sisters Kick Off National Catholic Sisters Week with Day of Service, More

In celebrating National Catholic Sisters Week, March 8-14, the Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids will be welcoming nearly 100 volunteers from the Dominican Sisters community to serve and support some of the most vulnerable in West Michigan. With generous grant support from, volunteers will help ensure hungry kids get fed, new babies are swaddled and Read More

Services for Sr. Margaret Schneider, OP at Dominican Chapel/Marywood

Monday, February 27  Remembering Service  7:00 pm Tuesday, February 28  Funeral Mass  4:00 pm Blessed are those who dwell in your house ever singing your praise. Blessed are they who find strength in you, whose hearts are set on the pilgrim’s path. Ps. 84 Singing, walking the pilgrim’s path, finding strength in faith, family and Read More

Services for Sr. Geraldine Fox, OP at Dominican Chapel/Marywood

Thursday, February 16  Remembering Service  7:00 pm Friday, February 17  Funeral Mass  4:00 pm “For everything there is a time.” This statement from one of Sister Geraldine’s favorite scripture passages proved true in her life, filled with many turnings at different times. Jean Marie Fox, born May 10, 1923, was the first of eight children of Read More

Tender Mercies Promote Justice, Empower Powerless

From Dominican Solidarity Grows Tender Mercies As the ministries of the Dominican Sisters of Grand Rapids diversify and flourish and as their horizons broaden far beyond the familiar, much changes—or so it seems. One thing, however, remains the same—that is the undying conviction among the Sisters of who they are and what they are about. Read More

Services for Sr. Audrey Kubian, OP at Dominican Chapel/Marywood

Wednesday, December 14  Remembering Service  4:00 pm Thursday, December 15  Funeral Mass  4:00 pm “What return shall I make to God for all the good that has been given to me?” Ps 116:12 Mary Kubian, the daughter of John and Katherine Schiba Kubian, grew up in Lampman, Saskatchewan, Canada. She was born July 3, 1917, Read More

Donation to Santa Claus Girls from the Dominican Sisters of Grand Rapids

Author:  Sister Josephine Birchmeier The Santa Claus Girls have been active in Kent County for over 100 years. Last year they delivered gifts to 14,613 children from 6,133 families. Four years ago, Sister Marge Stein suggested to a few Sisters that this looked like a good project – making hats and warm scarves for the Read More

Sister Juliana Barilla 105 years old, 83 years a Sister

Celebrating a Rich Legacy of Love & Service “Bless us, O Lord, and these your gifts, which we are about to receive from your bounty. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.” At first glance these words of the Grace Before Meals seem simple. After all, this is one of the first prayers parents teach their toddlers. Read More

Mission & Ministry Fall 2016

God’s Bountiful Blessings 800 Years: Sowing, Planting, Harvesting, Celebrating Our Fall 2016 issue of Mission & Ministry is now available: Read the magazine online below Download a PDF of the magazine If you would like to be added to our mailing list, please contact Sr. Regina Mary Goeldel. Email her at or call 616-514-3109.

Sr. Nathalie Meyer’s “Encore” Story Featured by Grand Rapids Community Foundation

Encore is a burgeoning national movement created to tap the skills and experience of those in midlife and beyond to improve communities and the world. Encore sets out to define this new stage of life. An Encore can combine work, service and social impact. Grand Rapids Community Foundation’s Encore is leading the way in Kent Read More

Services for Sr. Phyllis Brown, OP at Dominican Chapel/Marywood

Thursday, September 22  Remembering Service  7:00 pm Friday, September 23  Funeral Mass  4:00 pm “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want,” was a favorite Scripture passage of Sister Phyllis Brown. Her unfailing trust in God sustained her throughout her life in sickness and in health. Phyllis Ann Brown was born in Grand Rapids on Read More

THE MOTH Podcast with Sr. Mary Navarre:

Listen to the storytelling of Grand Rapids Dominican Sister Mary Navarre, OP, on this THE MOTH podcast. Here is a little background on this special story. THE MOTH shares podcasts of stories told at past live events. Earlier this year in September in Grand Rapids, and in March in Traverse City Sister Mary Navarre was onstage for LIVE Read More

Services for Sr. Anne Monica Shalda, OP at Dominican Chapel/Marywood

Sunday, July 24  Remembering Service  7:00 pm Monday, July 25  Funeral Mass  4:00 pm The melodious sounds of Della Irene Shalda were first heard on August 26, 1943 in Maple City, Michigan. Her parents, Lawrence and Lelah, welcomed their first child into their home and into the Catholic Church through Baptism at St. Philip Neri Read More

Services for Sr. Sue Tracy, OP at Dominican Chapel/Marywood

Friday, July 1  Remembering Service  7:00 pmSaturday, July 2  Funeral Mass  11:00 am   There was a confirming moment of grace when I knew deep down that God had lavished me with a love that desired to be extended inclusively. My heart and hand are yoked with God, and together we reach out to touch Read More

Services for Sr. Helen Jude, OP at Dominican Chapel/Marywood

Sunday, June 12  Remembering Service  7:00 pmMonday, June 13  Funeral Mass  11:00 am Read More About Sr. Helen’s Life Helena was born in Irons, Michigan on February 20, 1921 and she was the youngest of three sisters of the Judis family who joined the Grand Rapids Dominican Congregation. Her parents, Dominick and Kazimiera (Elijosius) Judis, Read More

Earth Day Tour Fun

Sr. Mary Brigid Clingman and members of the Care of Earth Committee researched and planned this Marywood grounds and tree tour in celebration of Earth Day, Friday April 22. Sisters toured with Sr. Alice Wittenbach, Sr. Katrina Hartman, and Sr. Mary Navarre as they learned many wonderful details that gave the Marywood campus its name.

SisterStory: Scatter Joy Like Confetti

“Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls.” –Mother Teresa I know I already mentioned this, but I’m truly in awe of Sister Joan’s joy. Every single time I’ve seen her, through the duration of this project, I’m greeted with the biggest smile and warmest hug. Simply put, she radiates joy. Read More

SisterStory: Bonding Over Nancy Drew

Through Sister Alice’s life, education has been a constant presence. I love seeing the passion for knowledge within her because it’s a passion that we share. During my many talks with Sister Alice, education was brought up again and again. I heard wonderful stories hearkening back to older times of Bookmobiles coming into her small Read More

SisterStory: Ireland’s Queen Alice

One of the aspects of Sister Alice’s story that fascinates me most is the amount of traveling she has done. As someone who has yet to leave the country and has traveled very little within it, I was enthralled by the stories of her travels. Sometimes the beauty just sounds unreal. She has been to Read More